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Angelical glamour pugs








Our new litter: Dolly & Darmell


We have new puppy




We have new puppies for sale












Angelical glamour pugs wish you a happy Easter




New photos in FOR SALE




We recived new photos about Mr. Bombastic - Rocky 





New pictures about puppies in FOR SALE




Roger Federer & Romualdo are already 2,5 weeks old




*****We have new puppies *****



We recived new photo about our Angelo- Lord Burberry



and he was in TV- he is a star :-)))






Our Mr.Bombastic-Rocky had Party, he is 6 months old !!!!



Happy New Year 2012 !!!!




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



We recived beautiful X-mas card from our Angelo


Thank you :-)))




We recived new pics about Indigo daughter-Fantasy The Bacher Bulls



Angelical glamour Charming Apologize finished German Junior Champion !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big congratulations Apolo, Daniel & Payaso pugs !!!!!!!!!!!!




Mr.Bombastic has new home :-)))



We have new puppy !!!!!





Star Gooseberry´s Welcome to Thailand

Res. Best in Show




Happy New Year 2011 !!!!!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!







               We have new puppies 




                                  Puppies for sale




Alejandro is for sale




                        Our first litter is here !!!!!!




                      We have new family member